Screenshot of Touhou SameGame
Screenshot of Touhou SameGame
Screenshot of Touhou SameGame
Screenshot of Touhou SameGame
Touhou SameGame

Touhou SameGame

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*** This application is a Touhou Project secondary creation work. ***

It is a temple to see the Toho Project character appear.

● How to play
Touch and erase two or more blocks that are in contact with each other. To erase a lot of blocks at once is a high score.
If more than six blocks are erased at the same time, the characters of the erased block appear, the score is doubled except for breeding characters, and the breeding character is tripled (2 times in any character in free play mode).
If you erase all blocks, bonus points + 1000 will be added to the score.

● Character breeding mode
In the character rearing mode, the score becomes the experience value, and you can level up the selected character.
Also, you can use the spelling function, which allows you to erase blocks with only one.

● Story mode
While achieving the stage clearing condition, I will advance the story.
Although the score in the story mode does not become an experience value, if clearing to the end, bonus experience value is got only for the first time clear.
Since you can use the character brought up in the character rearing mode, try to challenge after clearing the character in the character rearing mode and increasing the number of usable spells when it is difficult to clear.
★ mark is displayed for the character who cleared the story mode.

◇ Spelling function
Spell gauge accumulates according to score, spell function can be used with MAX.
When you press the spelling button, it becomes spell activation state (cancellation by pressing it again), you can erase only one block with touch.
As the level goes up, gauges tend to accumulate more easily.
In addition, the upper limit of the maximum number of spells rises every 10 levels.

◇ Actual function
You can check the progress of the game, enjoy the set goals and enjoy it.
You can refer to it from the "Play record" button on the menu.

◇ Tweet bonus
You can recover your spelling to the upper limit by tweeting it only once a day.
You can get a tweet bonus for each character.

※ Appearance character
Reimu Hakurei
Marisa Kirisame
Patchouli Knowledge
Remilia Scarlet
Flandre Scarlet
Sakuya Sachi
Kogetsuku Satori
Komeiji Koishi
Saikoji Saiko
Spiritual beast
Yukari Yakumo
Lily White
Letty · White Lock
Muneyamaru sentence
Wrigg · Nightbug
Alice Margatroid
Ibuki Suika
Sanae Kotani Sanae
Yasaka Kanako
Ayako Suwa
For Kawashiro
Kayama Chicks
Flame cat phosphorus
Luo Wu Road Sky
Yumi Hoshima
Mizuhashi Pulsi
Kuroya Yamame
Horaiizan Teruya
Yoshinori Yagorin
Suzen, Udongein Inaba
Mistya Lorelei

--- Upcoming update schedule ------
· Add character
· Add spelling type
· Added a story mode story
· Adding actual result items

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