Screenshot of Battlefield Pioneer
Screenshot of Battlefield Pioneer
Screenshot of Battlefield Pioneer
Battlefield Pioneer

Battlefield Pioneer

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Battlefield Vanguard is a multi-professional first-person shooter (FPS) game, with each profession having unique weapons and powerful skills, allowing players to experience the most exciting gameplay in a level playing field.
The abundance of professions and modes is the biggest feature of Battlefield Vanguard, containing the following interesting elements.
First, 6 professions, 6 skills, 12 types of completely different weapons, hundreds of lineup combinations, so that you have a surprise in every battle
Second, the group battle mode, cart mode, point mode, cooperation mode, plot mode and other rich modes for you to fight
Countless cool weapons, unique images, interesting accessories to make you different from other players
Customize your accessories, you can place them anywhere on your character, use your imagination and become a fashion leader!
Five, powerful social features, invite your friends to play together

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