One touch Drawing

One touch Drawing

Provider Ecapyc Inc.
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Draw everything with only "One touch".<br>Test your brain with an amazing puzzle game.<br>One touch Drawing is a simple yet very addictive puzzle.<br>Many people have the experience playing this kind of game.<br>The rule is very simple.<br>Draw given figures with only one touch.<br>The only problem is "You cannot draw twice the same line".<br>According to clear levels, new lines and points like below will make it difficult.<br>1. Line that must be passed twice.<br>2. One directional line.<br>3. Warp point.<br>4. Direction trigger.<br>5. Way trigger.<br>6. Warp Maker.<p>Facebook: <a href=";amp;sa=D&amp;usg=AFQjCNEJKNQSIm9AFI-AtD5mYnoIAAx83g" target="_blank"><;/a></p>

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