Pedro Dark slayer
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Blade of God 2 (Android | iOS) Gameplay - Darksouls Mobile
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Dudu Dudu
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of o have 4.3.0 virsion fully unlocked should I download this .one???? or ots same thing????????
6 Views 2019/8/12
I feel like games building this much hype over such a long period of time have a responsibility to deliver something that justifies it. The release of this game feels more like "about time" and less like "finally!" The game is above average, but not amazing. It is obvious the development for this game began a long time ago and it seems like there was not much effort to keep updating it throughout the process. A console game can take years before it is released and will still look modern. This game, on the other hand, felt like something I would have played back when it was announced. Hype only goes so far when you put it next to what it currently out and realize you can get the same experience and better graphics or customization elsewhere.
15 Views 2019/8/12
AN OFFLINE GAME W/ ONLINE GRAPHICS ! WORTH THE WAITS ! (after 2yrs) LOL. . But one problem. Can you add more 'Graphics Option' ? Cause even at low setting (a mid-range phone of 2gb/3gb ram) still Lags & Fps drops. Enable more options & minimize the animations. Just like 'Trial version', a bit simpler, but less lag. . MORE UPDATES, MORE OPTIMIZE ! & ENGLISH PLS IF POSSIBLE. TNX A LOT !
1 View 2019/12/14
The game is legendary PG Games...... The only thing that lacks here is the English sub, even the dub exists and that's good for understanding the story but sub is more important Cuz we need to understand everything...... This is no longer just a Chinese game, it's a world wide high quality game so plz just bring that sub ❤️🦅🇦🇺
8 Views 2019/8/2
good game, the combat is fluid, reminds me of dark souls and god of war, graphics need optimization options, the 3rd or 4th boss is OP very challenging to say the least, and if possible add a female protagonist. the enemies are very well illustrated and very good art style. good job devs.
4 Views 2019/11/8
I have no interest in this game anymore. The stages, clothes and characters are unlocked only if you buy, this is a steal! Seek major sponsors to meet the financial needs of the developer team. We are not to blame if you have a lot of problems whatever they may be, financial, time, lack of people on staff and other issues. If you don't have the support and support of a major game company then stop the game. They can't leave the game locked and only release if they pay, which I think is stupid and naughty.
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Havent downloaded the game yet. But i played a mini version of it before and it was awesome. The reason why i haven't downloaded it yet beacause, first wanna know if the language of this game is changeable to english? Thanks! And more power. Hope read your reply soon.
4 Views 2019/8/8
Ok, ok, wait a minute, I need to cry a little bit. I just played it a few minutes ago and It really overwhelmed me. This is like God of war mobile version, so far so good, I love it. But does it have an any English version?
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