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They said drop rate up in every new banner but actually the rate is terible i spent 500 quazt only for 1 banner but l got nothing with a bunch of  three start CE and servant and farming quazt really hard for oldbie if you done all the method to take quazt the only way to farm it to use money login for one week never enough for you i think the only way to sure for you to get a 5* servant it to save until >1000q depend on your luck. The game knows how to deal with newbie if you new at this game 80% you will get a 5* servant from banner you roll and if you play long  enough the rate will decrease. You  really should not waste your time at this game there are many  good gacha game out there.
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Unenjoyable shit. The only thing that keeps me in this game is Fate verse
great game especially the waifus there is alot of them. Gameplay wise its ok you do the same thing over and over again but when it gets hard thats where the fun starts but other than that the gacha system and the shop for saint quartz are kinda trash the shop for saint quartz are expensive as hell and getting 5 stars is kinda hard in this game. Its a good game
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bruh bruh
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I mean merlin in a fou costume and swimsuit jeanne d'arc so what more could you ask
Dhruv Gupta
Best GACHA game of all time
4 Views 2022/8/2
i have never played any game for so long (1.5yrs),and not purchased a single thing with real money. still enjoying the game....
Gacha Its all about gambling I enter this hell in my own accordance
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sinta marcelia
Should i happy with this? Hmm....
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Nguyen Quang Chieu
got the nun so 5* for the game
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stupid droprate but i love this game :(
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I like music this game
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