Cookie Blast ★

Cookie Blast ★

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cookie blast ★
an exciting new puzzle game that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth

Cookie Blast is an uniquely fun and addictive yummy match-3 game with lot of amazing discoveries on the cookie journey. Find and collect all the cookies to pass a level.

Facebook friends to compete and challenge along the cookie journey. Google Leaderboards to beat players around the world to be crowned ultimate cookie master. Each level has many cookie candies to be collected to beat the gummy bear.
The game is very simple match- 3 puzzle game, you embark on a crunchy adventurous journey with exciting challenges and objectives across each crushy levels in the most addictive match-3 mania.

Find your glory by conquering all the cookie land islands by crushing all the obstacles to be crowned as the ultimate cookie master by blazing to the top of the leaderboards. Exciting challenges and goodies along the journey to keep you happy :)

** crunchy and exciting match 3 game with unique power-ups
** cookie star's to collect in each level
** amazing Cookie crush garphics with addictive gameplay
** google leaderboards to compare and compete with players around the world
** 850+ deliciously baked yummy exciting levels to conquer
** pass each level by collecting the cookie crush missions challenged

** match 3 candies to smash them out
** watch the number of moves and collect the candies required by the gummy panda
** smash 4 cookie candies in horizontally direction to create cookie crush blast
** smash 4 cookie candies in vertical direction to create cookie mania crunch
** smash 5 cookie candies to get a rainbow candy
** crush 5 cookie candies in L or T direction to get a Super candy mania
** combine any 2 special cookie candies to get a Ultimate Cookie Crush Blast
** combine Cookie crush blast and Super candy mania to get a Ultimate Cookie Smash Blast
** combine Cookie mania crunch and Super candy mania to get another Ultimate Cookie Smash Blast
** crush those yummy food items and nibble out the points

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