Screenshot of TsumeShogi chess problem
Screenshot of TsumeShogi chess problem
Screenshot of TsumeShogi chess problem
Screenshot of TsumeShogi chess problem
Screenshot of TsumeShogi chess problem
TsumeShogi chess problem

TsumeShogi chess problem

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Tsume Shogi app with a rich set of problems appeared!
With clean graphics and easy-to-understand UI, even the first person can play without problem.
Not only puzzle fun but also studying shogi.
If you do not know how to become strong Shogi, first of all if you are watching from this app for the first time, how about it?

◆ Rule explanation
Basic rules include
· The way to solve is always a first step.
· Please clog the opponent's king within the determined number of steps.
· Please be sure to challenge each time.
· The other rules are the same as those of shogi rules.
There are other rules as well, but there is no problem even if you do not know if you just play Tsume Shogi.

◆ I do not need to know rules
You can grasp the rules right away with a tutorial to understand while moving.
Of course, rules of shogi are also included in the application, so you can check it at any time.
In addition, even if you remember the rules, it is safe because it will assist with functions that are related to games.

◆ There are abundant short problems
The first thing a beginner wants me to do first is a handmade problem.
This is the easiest way to solve the opponent's king just by pointing one.
If you get used to it you will be able to solve it just by watching the pat One problem can be enjoyed widely from beginner to intermediate level.
Problems of 3 to 5 hands are problems that even advanced users can enjoy.
Do you want to be able to judge by looking at putt, or want to advance slowly, please solve in the way you like.
As soon as you understand the answer and start feeling easily, please increase the number and try it.

◆ Let's measure your skill with Shogetsu Shogi
If you get used to Tsume Shogi please try playing Shogi Shogi as soon as possible.
I can judge to what extent the current ability is.
Also, if you continue to play every day, you can realize that your ability has come with change in score.

◆ Let's compete the score with other users in ranking!
The ranking can be compared with the players nationwide by the score at Hayato Shogi.
If you are confident in solving Tsume Shogi quickly, please challenge.

◆ Recommended for people like this
· First interested in Shogi,
· A person wishing to do tsume-shogi in idle time etc.
· If you are looking for an application of Tsume Shogi with many problems.
· A person who wants to train Shogi 's final abilities.
· If you are looking for a free Tsume Shogi application.
· Person who has confidence in the early time to solve Tsume Shogi and wanted to do her best in ranking.

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