Screenshot of Glimmer (Test)
Screenshot of Glimmer (Test)
Screenshot of Glimmer (Test)
Screenshot of Glimmer (Test)
Screenshot of Glimmer (Test)
Glimmer (Test)

Glimmer (Test)

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"Glimmer" is a starry sky game developed by China Nautilus Independent Game Studio.

How long has it been since you've looked up at the starry skies, busy in the city until late at night?
"Glimmer" allows you to play a game that will give you the beauty and tranquility you've long missed under the stars.

Have you ever imagined constellations turning into beautiful creatures that appear before you?
Now the dream has come true!

Use the touch screen to perform all the game functions.
Unlock each constellation by matching triangles.
If you carry VR glasses, select VR mode from the menu for an excellent experience.
If you have a mobile VR device, you can rotate your head in VR mode to see the beautiful starry night sky around you.
Connect each constellation with your line of sight until they're all connected and feel the beautiful starry sky!

Your support is our motivation to keep moving forward and we will continue to bring you better VR games!

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