Screenshot of Noragami Aragoto
Screenshot of Noragami Aragoto
Screenshot of Noragami Aragoto
Screenshot of Noragami Aragoto
Screenshot of Noragami Aragoto
Noragami Aragoto

Noragami Aragoto

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China's leading game developer and publisher snail games has officially announced that it will launch the official genuine hand tour. According to the official disclosure, Noragami Aragoto's research and development work is conducted by its gold medal production team is responsible for the game, and the famous Japanese network company Japan JuYi Co. The anime worldview while presenting the best game quality.

Pure anime bloodline to bring back the world of Japanese gods and demons!
It is reported that the snail game a year ago through the Japanese Ju Yi Co., Ltd. and "ノラガミ ARAGOTO Production Committee" finalized Noragami Aragoto licensed cooperation, and spend a huge amount of money to get the right to adapt the hand game. After a year of secret research and development, the game has entered the sprint stage. In order to ensure the quality and purity of the game, Noragami Aragoto is supervised by the Japanese side, and all the scenes and characters are manipulated by Japanese original artists, with beautiful and exquisite graphics and the world of Japanese gods and ghosts in the palm of your hand.

The original cast of voices to help interpret the perfect audio-visual experience!
This time, Noragami Aragoto anime voice actors such as Hiroshi Kamiya, Shinri Uchida, and Miyuki Sawaki return to Noragami Aragoto, and they will perfectly portray the game's characters through their own voices. As players manipulate their favorite characters, they will also be able to listen to the familiar voice acting of the anime, making the game experience more engaging.

The popular Japanese anime, Noragami Aragoto was originally written by the famous Japanese manga artist, Anda Watari. The original work has been serialized in Monthly Teen Magazine since 2011, and 18 volumes of single-volume books have been released so far. The anime of the same name aired on January 5, 2014. After the anime aired, it was widely acclaimed in Japan and has attracted numerous fans. It is believed that this time Noragami Aragoto's original handheld game will be able to achieve impressive results by logging into China, and will once again incite the renewed popularity of the Noragami Aragoto manga and anime, winning players' love.


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