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0 Views 01/18/2023
14 Views 06/22/2019
It's GOOD, but the graphics are terrible. Few things are.. Controls can't be adjusted, Slow matchmaking, took me 2 minutes to get to a game. Overall it's a great game. Nearly as similar as PUBGMOBILE.
4 Views 08/10/2019
it was pretty amazing game to start off with a bit worked it could have been the new H1Z1 but I incurred bugs with buttons ect sound and loading the game via a login method please change too different ways
Modon D Sangma
1 View 04/01/2019
app not install in 1.00GB Ram how to Liar youtuber !
KamiDa Kaze
3 Views 10/19/2020
i need help with login i have we chat, i went to the .website .and .it told me to update the game and i updated it through tap tap and it it tells me i need a name and password when i do a.name.it tells me format wrong and ive tried spelling it in dffrent ways
4 Views 07/20/2021
plz open the servers 😭😭😭 why you closed the server this was the best option for 1 & 2 GB ram players
0 Views 10/02/2020
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0 Views 05/08/2019
not working at my phone Zenfone max pro M1
1 View 06/27/2020
nice for 1gb ram mobiles😁
Hell Ti
0 Views 07/16/2020
hello is this game will come global or not ? any update
That's everything for now. Start a new game?