Chef Rescue - The Cooking Game

Chef Rescue - The Cooking Game

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Experiencing a cooking frenzy? Use your powers and become a cooking hero! Not every hero wears a cape. This hero wears a cooking hat and only you can help her! She has decided to save some restaurants in trouble with her super cooking skills! Will you join her in this tasty mission?<p>In this management game, you will help our chef cook and serve delicious meals in different and unique restaurants! But you’ll need to be fast and pay extra attention: a real chef would not leave anything burning out…</p>
<p>HIGHLIGHTS<br>• Prepare amazing recipes in different restaurants!<br>• Casual, fancy, amazing and unique restaurants!<br>• Help desperate chefs improving their cooking business!<br>• Show all your super cuisine powers and prove yourself as a great chef!<br>• 80 different phases in 4 incredible seasons per restaurant<br>• Upgrade all your culinary items and challenge your skills even more!</p>
<p>Pick up your kitchen supplies, beat all the game levels and become the greatest cooking hero!</p>
<p>Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.</p>

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