Screenshot of Hi Neighbor 2 (Hello from Hell)
Screenshot of Hi Neighbor 2 (Hello from Hell)
Screenshot of Hi Neighbor 2 (Hello from Hell)
Screenshot of Hi Neighbor 2 (Hello from Hell)
Hi Neighbor 2 (Hello from Hell)

Hi Neighbor 2 (Hello from Hell)

Provider HaMT Studios
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Welcome to the sequel of Hi Neighbor: Hello from Hell 3D ! Recall this fantastically horrifying atmosphere invading two-storied country house of your old ‘friend’, who was able to escape punishment last time! Find new cruel secrets in this large house and run away safe and sound in hi neighbor hello from Hell 2 !

So, you’re inside. Can you remember what to do next? Hide from this cruel person, find the antique keys to these massive and beautiful doors and get to know everything about your neighbor! Search for different hints that can bring you near the clue! Don’t forget to be really attentive, because this place is even more dangerous than previous one: it has two floors, so you should try really hard not to meet the cruel master of this house!

Watch your mini map carefully to prevent sudden conflicts, quickly search for the good place to hide, otherwise the neighbor would notice you and you’ll become his another secret a second! Don’t forget to mind that there are other cruel monsters in the house – they’re not looking for you, but they’re still waiting for the prey! Conduct a search of every room to find the keys and solve this new wild and horrifying mystery of your neighbor and have fun playing angry neighbor: Hello from Hell 2!

Think ahead and use your time wisely, ‘cause you really must denounce the neighbor this time! Don’t yield to the pretended calmness of this place and discover all the secrets of this cruel man! Earn points and buy different power-ups like temporary invisibility, double speed or invulnerability and complete your mission successfully!

Hi neighbor Hello from Hell 3d features:
• Horrifying sequel of Hi Neighbor: Hello from Hell
• New large beautiful house filled with monsters
• Interesting places to hide
• Addictive gameplay

Feel yourself like an amateur detective in a real trouble! Check the second part of our Hi Neighbor: Hello from Hell game, reveal all the cruel secrets of your neighbor’s house and escape successfully in Hi Neighbor: Hello from Hell 2!

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