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phonemyat han
60 Views 01/08/2023
I found this game and no play at many years now I played this game was too fcking good Everything is great Ur army is attacking for u  that was awesome and The graphics is really Full HD!!!! But when u finished the mission and waiting 5~10mins for next mission was bad.I can't wait coz I like to playing this game!!
14 Views 01/12/2023
I realized it was a strategic game and that one part of the game your setting up for the battle it’s a good
'Noblemen: 1896' review
142 Views 11/15/2022
This is the best “War” shooter I have ever played on mobile. Hands down, it nails the gameplay and the atmosphere. The gameplay is based on this really cool strategic RTS-like layout and manages to build on to it with some shooter action on the battlefield.
TapTap Editor
Personally, I think the basic elements of FPS are the controls, the graphics, and the characteristics of each of the items of firearms. This game gives me a very special feeling. Aside from the basic FPS and TPS genres, this game is a collaboration between TPS and strategy elements. So, I love this game I would like to give a fairly high score for the fact that I made a new attempt and released a game that collaborated with a hardcore genre on mobile.
1K Views 04/06/2022
58 Views 10/26/2021
Sorry but thso game is trash this game have error 15 and a malware please remove it and have a good day😁😆😜 Your dear Wolfy
Can you fix the problem, I can play when I finish instal the game, but I give you 5 star for this because I see the ratting is not disappointing
26 Views 05/07/2022
Hardcore Gamer
0 Views 11/12/2021
I've never had this game work for me and I have tried on a few different phones so it's a bust from me don't waste your time
2 Views 01/28/2022
can't play it. after installing it, it often said that "an error has occurred 15." please fix it. I use Xiao Mi Blackshark 2 pro. :)
10 Views 03/29/2020
Warring This game is addicting of is graphics and i don't know what is noble men but i first sure the tesla gun opevery time you try something with your wi-fi on it will play a add every single time if you click something suggesting are turning on airplane mode
1 View 03/19/2022
this game is very trach cant play and not playable it say error 15😠😡thia game suck
That's everything for now. Start a new game?