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Cj King
77 Views 07/15/2022
need more improvements matches be over with too fast also need more maps & I noticed that it's not alot of loot added and instead  of AI's you can add online multiplayer you still can keep AI'S aslo player skins would be nice andI also noticed that if you get shot you die too fast I feel like that can be changed to where it's more challenging if it takes awhile  for you to die in the game but as far as the graphics  it's great could be a awesome  games if updated with some changes
Sami Rios
27 Views 02/09/2022
I have two problems with the game, the first is that when you put 49 enemies in the game, there is a probability that they will run away, making it impossible to finish the game triumphant. The second is The lack of more weapons, although this is optional.
No updates
1 View 10/10/2022
where is updates? Baton games please update game.or I will sue y
4 Views 10/17/2021
this game is actually good. But it needs some improvements like some new buildings on the map br. Maybe you can create a new map to make this game more varied.
Kavin Gounder roll on 20
1 View 12/01/2020
Better than free fire
6 Views 03/15/2022
Player unknown Battle Ground but better + Mild to severe Brain Damage
yunav pubg
1 View 05/26/2022
the dest game i ever play in my life's
0 Views 12/30/2020
what the fuck is this?😐
1 View 02/13/2021
good game end go to HD
2 Views 08/23/2021
out more gun skin and HD grafik.
That's everything for now. Start a new game?