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The game is not available in this country/region


Skyforce is a third-person shooter created by the Unreal 4 engine, with realistic restored terrain scenes, rich map elements, carefully selected firearms accessories, ammunition supplies and a variety of vehicles.

- Land, sea and air war, similar to Battlefield
Aircraft carriers, warships, and fighters can be operated by players. Fighters can take off and land on aircraft carriers.
The soldiers on the helicopters can use their own weapons and fire at the enemies on the ground.

- Various types of vehicles
Aircraft carriers are equipped with air-to-air and ship-to-ship missiles.
Warships are equipped with anti-ship missiles and anti-aircraft missiles.
Submarine with four machine guns on board
Fighter aircraft with machine guns and ground missiles.
Helicopter gunship with rockets, jamming rounds, 2nd seat with machine gun
Black Hawk helicopter with 2 machine guns
Bird helicopter with 6 troop-carrying seats.
Armored vehicle with machine gun
Jeep with machine gun

- 2 new game modes
Hunger mode, exciting and tense, players need to grab food to maintain physical strength, once the physical strength is exhausted, they will be eliminated.
Point mode, fierce and tenacious, players occupy the stronghold, gain points, both sides fiercely compete until they reach a certain number of points to win.

- 5 soldier professions
Assault Soldier, Scout Soldier, Machine Gun Soldier, Medical Soldier, Sniper Soldier




In-app Purchases Yes
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