Screenshot of The End of the World
Screenshot of The End of the World
Screenshot of The End of the World
Screenshot of The End of the World
Screenshot of The End of the World
The End of the World

The End of the World

Provider Sean Wenham
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The End of the World is a side-scrolling exploration game. Set in Newcastle, England, you play a lonely man in a world that ended when he lost his love. By living day by day and in the past you unravel the circumstances that led to the end of the world, and maybe a way to move on. Essentially this is a break up game.

Completion time: 15-20 mins.
Not compatible with most Xiaomi Android devices.

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beautifully made.
8 Views 11/06/2022
although the gameplay itself isn't much, but what the developer is trying to convey as a lesson here is rather huge. either you meddle with your past, or make peace with yourself. great game, thank you for this dev.
I am mesmerized
8 Views 11/16/2022
I played this fame without knowing anything about it . But it's beauty to tell a story without words by adopting an artistic expression. Really loved this game . It may even make you shed a tear if tou experienced anything like the things depicted in this story.
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'The End of the World' review
4 Views 11/06/2022
gameplay isnt much, but the lesson here itself is huge. you either meddle with your past, or make peace with yourself. truly thoughtful. thank you for this game.
22 Views 10/09/2022
a 15 to 20 minutes long game with breathtaking graphics and music plus an amazimg athmosfeer. If you can spare 15 to 20 minutes id definitly recommend you play this. It doesnt really have gameplay thow. The game is more like a painting.
A beautiful game ( hands down)
23 Views 10/06/2022
A beautiful game, the story is short but damn it was so sad bruh. I thought he can save the world😂, or go back in time where his world(girl) is alive 💔.
195 Views 05/19/2022
Hearing the name, it might strike you as a post-apocalyptic story with a side of traumatic heart break. Albeit true, the world that only ended was his. The game's sad, lonely, and empty to the point that my heart ached just by playing for a minute. Graphics, combined with music, metaphoric references, and nostalgic memories painted in monochromatic pallette shows you the developer's (or a person the story's targeted) feelings brilliantly.
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TapTap Editor
TapTap Editor
What Have We Been Playing #6: Sadness and Suspicion
1.9K Views 10/22/2021
96 Views 10/19/2021
I was blown away, even though the game is short, only 15 to 20 minutes. After finishing the game, I spent a lot of time learning about the game and trying to understand the story that the developer was conveying, because I was really impressed by it. The End of the World is a story made by Sean Wenham 3 months after his breakup, and the story of the game should take place in Newcastle. The game's not complex, you search for memories of old days with your girlfriend in a broken inner city. I can feel the emotions that the author wants to convey, the loneliness, the loss, the broken city, the rainy weather, the depressing music, really touched me. As the game presented, when the person you love is gone, you are just numb, The days still seem to pass normally, And suddenly, a nostalgic object suddenly pulled you back to the memories, All sadness flood you.
36 Views 09/17/2021
I love this game very much because it teaches us to the value of time! There should be more games like this that teachs through a backstory of a character of the game! 10/10 for me.
さいぎょうじ ゆゆこ
70 Views 03/23/2019
A lonely scenery. Scattered with your memories. It even made me depressed. Even the busiest streets can be dilapidated in the heart. It's said to be a game that developers spent three years developing in order to forget about his girlfriend. It feels more like a movie than a puzzle. Is no real winning or losing. A somber oil painting style. Memories are driven by two different hues of painting. No words, just pictures, bgm, characters.
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