Screenshot of Mini Heroes -Summoners War RPG
Screenshot of Mini Heroes -Summoners War RPG
Screenshot of Mini Heroes -Summoners War RPG
Screenshot of Mini Heroes -Summoners War RPG
Screenshot of Mini Heroes -Summoners War RPG
Mini Heroes -Summoners War RPG

Mini Heroes -Summoners War RPG

Provider DreamSky Ltd
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Mini Heroes -Summoners War is an adorable 3D ARPG mobile game in magic fantasy theme. The story background was an imaginary western magic world. It was about the guardians of World of Light fought against Darkness--the wicked demon. The game, produced with top-level engine, has PC-game-like image quality. It will bring you into a magnificent war in the World of Light.

The story is about warriors of every kingdoms fight the dark force and defeats the dark devil to save the world, and reconstruction their home afterward.

Games features:
--Fresh pictures and maximum vitality
Adorable characters and pets, three heroes (Knight, Wizard and Shooter) and hundreds of equipments are alternative. You can change appearance at any time. The gorgeous wings also make your heroes
more fearless.

--Fight easily and fluently
Mini Heroes War adopts virtual joystick and keyboard control model. Avoiding with manual control is more agile. Precise spell cast makes it possible to pass through a battle without getting hurt. Automatic battle give you a relief and spare the hands.

--We are departing for an adventure. Want to join us?
Adorable pets and excellent mounts are alternative. With their help you can gain plenty of gems and treasures. Heal your allies or teach enemies a lesson, do whatever you want.

--Three-group fight, challenge your skills
In the three-group fight, you and other players will be divided into three groups randomly. Try your best to fight against enemies to earn the rewards. No one is safe here. The only thing you can do is struggling to survive!

--Playing with others gives you more fun.
You won’t be alone with the help of special team up mode, which makes you find ally in a very short time. Besides, you can gain more rewards in team instances. And more fun awaits you to discover by yourself. Time to come and join us!

--Focus on us

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