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Screenshot of Pocket Sports
Screenshot of Pocket Sports
Screenshot of Pocket Sports
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Pocket Sports

Pocket Sports

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★Easy to play, become a master! The most popular casual sport game on mobile《Pocket Sport》!
★Start playing within a minute!Basketball, bowling, baseball, darts, and many more!
★Invite your Facebook friends and challenge them to a match!

【Easy to learn sports games】
Play basketball, bowling, baseball, darts and many more sports with simple pick up and play controls! Compete with players from all over the world!

【Characters with awesome abilities】
Increase timers, score bonus, or explode into fever mode! Use characters with special
abilities to win the ultimate glory! Unlock unique characters as you level up!

【Grow stronger with training】
Train your characters, participate in Rating and Challenge matches to earn supply boxes! Grow stronger by collecting Player IDs, equipment and other resources. Get lucky and discover equipment’s with special traits!

【Invite friends, challenge the leaderboard】
Invite Facebook friends to earn big rewards! Challenge your friends, showoff your score, and reach for the top together! Fight for your country and become the world champ!

【Multiple modes】
Ratings Match—Play against players from around the world, strive for the ultimate title!
Challenge Match—Compete with others in your favorite sport, match against players of your skill level!
Friendly Match— Invite your friends to a friendly match, help each other with gifts!

【Contact Us】
《Pocket Sport》Fanpage:
《Pocket Sport》Customer Service:[email protected]

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