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Thuận Vũ
Dev, i know this game was closed on China but do they want to release a sea sever? Like identity V?
48 Views 12/08/2022
Aung Lay
45 Views 03/14/2021
I really love this game. This is so cute. But i can't play. I'm not in chinese country. I don't have wechat and qq.I want to be able to login with gmail. i want english version.Can you help people in other countries? reply to me please.
Jin Pio
18 Views 08/04/2020
https://youtu.be/1IduXjl49go 1. Full HD gameplay 2. MMORPG, Swordman, HD Game, 3. Language: Chinese 4. Account Logi: QQ, WC
Halim Fingo
7 Views 08/08/2020
come on tencent, why you always make difficult many people on game must using QQ or WECHAT!!!! Damn u are big developer game but never think big for future !!! At least u learn from others developer.. one day u will ruin ur reputation if keep like this..
ice jade
1 View 08/04/2020
Beautiful game but to much story telling , less action and Chinese language which is unexceptional. It is year 2020 and these big lazy Chinese developers can't have a multi language game !!!!
12 Views 09/11/2021
may i know even with wechat account, do the game still need identity verification? because i downloaded alot of games that i want to play, in the end they need idetity verification. i am from other country, i dont have their china identity card...
13 Views 04/16/2022
Brothers, don't count on the games of China's big manufacturers. They are all the same. They will only pit the Chinese for money. I am a Chinese, I know,
2 Views 03/26/2021
i rate this 1/5 for devs being racists. seems like they purposely make the most of their games with chinese language only so nobody except chinese guys could play (doubt someone is going to learn the hardest language in the world for just playing a game)
4 Views 03/01/2021
why chinese game there is always no engish language? make english languages also, so all people around the world can play your games.. if u add only cchinese languages, that mean your game is limited for chinese player only. not going around the world....
1 View 10/10/2020
I want English version. 😞😞😞
That's everything for now. Start a new game?