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28 Views 06/21/2019
This is an AR game like Pokemon Go, with Harry Potter IP. Like the most AR games, this game requires GPS to work, but more interesting are, Harry Potter is a long story about magic & adventure, same in this game. You will need to walk out around and trigger different events or encounters. There is the story which you follow to complete step by step and receive items. Use spells to defeat enemy and a lot instructions with interaction. As an AR game, this game is full charged, except you still need to move a lot to the destination where you want to.
4 Views 06/25/2019
love the game, but it will absolutely NOT work in any emulator, BlueStacks/Nox/MeMu. It will also not work if your phone is rooted or jailbroken. I have not found any working spoof for the game yet, so if you wanna play you have to go walk around aimlessly. Very unfortunate for those far from City or with an injured leg.
TapTap Editor
6 Views 04/17/2019
I'm very sad... Currently the game is only available in New Zealand until the official release, you have to play with a VPN! I hope it becomes official release soon!
0 Views 06/21/2019
thanks for the apk taptap but unfortunately the game is empty outside of us and uk. So its not playable as its empty.
1 View 06/03/2019
please update the game that would be very nice so we can play it hope you have a very nice day :)
captain America soa
2 Views 07/06/2022
the developers that made the game decided to remove it for some reason
1 View 08/19/2021
hello dear developers! We ask you to make Russian localization, thank you!
angling pradipt
1 View 06/23/2019
why can't playing in my phone, my problem is incompatible
captain Marvel
0 Views 06/23/2019
7559 1032 2687 code ami harry potter go
vignesh vk
2 Views 06/11/2019
when will it release for india
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