5 Views 2022/8/29
not play
Vivi Vivi
46 Views 2022/6/23
I wanna try a "zombie horde" mode battle royale if its still available for us to play.
Cheers To You
91 Views 2020/3/14
I couldnt play the game after downloading it. Server problem. Now I know why this game isn't in the trusted Google Playstore. It's a low budget game that can't be trusted to deliver what it advertises. Those who maintain the servers are either lazy or can't afford to maintain the servers properly, or they are intentional decievers???
25 Views 2021/9/7
I used to play this game before pubg then I quit it coz of hackers and same reason made me to quit pubg
8 Views 2020/5/31
The game no longer works. Which is sad. Like the games of this developer.
71 Views 2022/2/20
Think if Survivor Royale Come Back In 2022 We Miss All In-game maps and theme music of survivor Royale miss you still not remove from taptap as it's already death
Sakib Khan
20 Views 2021/5/16
Game not working.Stop on receiving engine data option it's not loading any where please fix it
TEJAS Gaming
12 Views 2022/3/23
hlo developers plz open server of this game 😁😁😁 I give 5 stars rating 🙏
Werner Van Wyk
11 Views 2022/1/1
happy new year 2020 to the 1st of January games of Rio summer followed is per developer of the game😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😃😄😃😄😂
4 Views 2020/10/29
the game is not working the game is stopped at receiving engine data
That's everything for now. Start a new game?