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Hardcore Gamer
14 Views 11/28/2019
I really wanted to love this game as much as all of the others with the same art style and the same mechanics, but it was slightly less impressive. Once I reached 1-3, it became downright pathetic. The story is animated, but there is no voice acting to most of it and the sound gives the impression that every little event and scene has its own song. This results in listening to constantly changing music play as you scroll through a lot of text.
8 Views 05/20/2020
(๑♡⌓♡๑)OMG!! I think I found a game I love more thann Honkai Impact 3D ... .... The Ability To Use Magical And Physical Attacks + Jump and Air Jumps And Dash With Airsdash but most importantly AIRGLIDE!! AND SPEED Dash on the ground till stamina is depleted (๑♡⌓♡๑) ... OMG I forget about how amazing the fighting here is and how amazing it feels to do all the added lil things like a super hero(。・ω・。)ノ♡ ~Nyaa-nyaaaaa-nyaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
Limu poison
0 Views 01/12/2020
Good! Levels map tries to get player exploring a bit the zone Gameplay is great! Try to play with interactivity, sometimes pushing the attack button over and over can be repetitive Interface got its style, but looks boring, try to add some effects on it, and make it more accessible for a fast look while playing. This last is for non-chinese users, please, be patient. Not everyone has lots of time and money to translate an entire game to a more accessible language.
Admiral Kin
Admiral Kin
Hardcore Gamer
4 Views 11/29/2019
Howdy all, in the first case this game dose not bring nothing new, same style as Honkai, as many others with the same titles and so on. The graphics and the feeling of the game it is good it is not bad at all. The UI it is friendly even if you do not know Chinese for those who love this type of games it is a go, because of the variety of the characters and ofc it is a waifu collector. Battle system same like many others when you battle and change in battle to other character. I really hate when games like this comes in the same package...but this is my opinion.
ice jade
2 Views 11/28/2019
I like this game but another Asia game that only supports Chinese players. The game main menu supports English subtitles. If you can do that why not do the entire game ????? It makes no sense. Another problem and it most Chinese games. In game purchase is limited to Chinese players. If you can't do Google add QQ coin support.
2 Views 06/23/2020
the game is great but i hope that this game have the english version so all players cant enjoy the game more
Jam Burger
2 Views 12/07/2019
pretty fun game! the jumping function is pretty cool and is about as close to Devil May Cry on mobile that you can get, yet with a futuristic twist. dawhing around feels like I'm in a mech or something (it feels floaty); but the game is cool because all the ch is rafters have ranged attacks. As an english player, i havent figured out all the mechanics and story, but if you have a phone that will run HI3 smooth, try this out. the characters graphics and sound are on point as well.
0 Views 11/28/2019
welp this game turns out disappointment because we can't use real country number phone and you need to run with VPN Hong Kong which more worse than gundam commander I hope techsmile put on bilibili server so i can login without any problem Edit : you can run without VPN but server became malfunction due too many player
4 Views 12/18/2020
i've tried this game on Emulator, and its a great game but i cant install it on my mobile device, anyone have any suggestion?
0 Views 11/29/2019
Why i can't installed this game+? Please tell me how to fix it It always said installed failed
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