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Hiroshi Kururugi
5 Views 2022/1/1
mobile and PC yes Games and novels, this is how I like warhammer 40k. This is the ultimate game is sacred. I'm really surprised that this game is passed by by so many gamers. It really is a gem of a Turn based strategy. The card system is fantastic, balanced and incredibly versatile. Gameplay througout is solid, bug free and challenging. Easy to play but in later levels you really need to put some effort into your strategy - cardplay, movement and combat. Failiure to take all variables into account will result in a quick death. Modes to suit everyone. Great campaign ( vanilla) and great DLC campaigns to add on. Horde mode, multiplayer, challenges... It really does have everything a TBS or 40K fan wants and needs.
7 Views 2021/1/23
I love it, nearly every piece of it, the graphics great, the fights are great, what i dont like in it are 2 things: You need internet connection to play the game...in campaign, and if ur connection is not strong enough, ur going to just load for minutes. This forced me to delete the game. The second thing is the forge system. At the highest forge lvl, if you get a legendary card, you have to buy it with real money, or you lose it. But its a fun game, its challenging, but not hard either.
Lieutenant LeTian (LoTion)
Lieutenant LeTian (LoTion)
0 Views 2022/2/4
fun game too bad games workshop is a bunch of greedy fucking losers
0 Views 2021/10/30
A must-have for any Warhammer 40,000 fan, even if you're a heretical Magnus follower #MagnusDidSomethingWrong Full Review Here: https://www.taptap.io/topic/2148032177
Andres Marquez
0 Views 2020/6/11
0 Views 2022/6/1
0 Views 2020/8/6
如果在第三关之前你无意中 编辑了你的卡组 那么第三关的时候 你就会被卡住 无法移动
0 Views 2022/3/24
Deco SA
0 Views 2021/3/8
muito bom 😃
สิทธิชัย การรัมย์
0 Views 2020/8/23
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