Screenshot of Tales Of Neto
Screenshot of Tales Of Neto
Screenshot of Tales Of Neto
Screenshot of Tales Of Neto
Screenshot of Tales Of Neto
Screenshot of Tales Of Neto
Tales Of Neto

Tales Of Neto

Provider Simonian Educational Foundation
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Help save Neto from corruption's iron grip through a fun-filled adventure packed with puzzles, quests in a world full of turning twists, and twisting turns.

You’ve read the comic, now play the game… as Sevan and explore the fantastic world of Neto. With the help of your fellow citizens, take on quests and solve puzzles to improve the world and the lives of the people around you.

Tales of Neto is a 3D game and interactive comic (available online) that tackles corruption head-on.

Made in Armenia with funding and support from the European Union, Tales of Neto was created by TUMO Center for Creative Technologies by a team comprised of TUMO students (17-22 years old) and led by members of TUMO’s staff.

Tales of Neto was recently awarded the prestigious European NICE Award for Responsibility and Innovation, and participated in Italy’s Lucca Comics and Games Festival.

Top Features:
* Awesome Quests!
* Awesome Art!
* Awesome 3D World!
* Awesome Dialog!
* Awesome Improvements!
* Awesome Awesome!

Keywords: Adventure, TUMO, Europe, Corruption, Quest, Fantasy, Armenia, Education, Armenia, Point and Click

© 2017 Simonian Educational Foundation.

Contains media items licensed under the Creative Commons Licence CC BY-NC including items from For the full list please see the Tales of Neto website.

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