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16 Views 04/24/2020
An amazing game for the first impression, it's rarely to see an rts game like starcraft but there is one called art of war: red tide is similar. all this kind of games are cool and high-tech, the same goes for this one. Force and units are original designed, units looks awesome, from basic marine to a mech with laser scythe and battle carriers, every unit type is well designed. Effect in match is also good to me, but I dont really like laser shots and strike where is a bit chaos on the screen.
3 Views 04/23/2020
No building archetypes.. Only base & energy source Units and classes are not all available.. Need to further grind to purchase units Nothing like star craft or age of empie rts.. Its kidna like cod domination mode mix with Crash royale XD Top up bundle and premium battle pass for units, i smell p2w haahaha If ur a stacraft or age of empire fan, its a disappointing game tbh. Im realy expecting to be like SC or AOE but nothing at all.
Arbin Banaag
1 View 04/22/2020
this is stupid there should be an option at the very start of the game to change the language...
1 View 04/14/2020
it would be my favorite gameIF it had alllll languages ENGLISH ESPECIALLY 💔💔
0 Views 04/14/2020
i like the game but i cant play it.. i wait for the english version
2 Views 04/19/2022
This is a decent game, its heartbreaking when the servers closed it has so many potential 💔
MG Review
1 View 05/23/2020
Watch Gameplay Below: https://youtu.be/GAikN4_KVDg
Kais Mejri
0 Views 05/02/2020
Let someone know if this game is worth downloading?🤔🤔
Mionez Rustom
0 Views 04/23/2020
it is lagging as of the moment. anyway, how to input the gift code?
Pattaraphong Su
0 Views 04/26/2020
fun but need end menu
That's everything for now. Start a new game?