Fieldrunners Attack

Fieldrunners Attack

Provider Subatomic Studios, LLC
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Generals, wear a crooked helmet and hold a cigar, the fun Fieldrunners series is back! From galloping self-destructing chicken poppers to dominating giant bipedal battle droids, your troops are ready to go. It's time to build invincible fortresses, rally invincible heroes, and conquer players from all over the world!
Turn an ordinary town into an impregnable fortress by recruiting heroes, training troops, building defenses, and managing resources. Whether it's protecting your own base, conquering someone else's, or defeating opponents from all over the world in online mode, every game will be different and enjoyable, and you'll be able to return home with a load of loot.

The game supports Chinese.

- An addictive real-time strategy game!
Control all units in real time and execute your subtle tactics perfectly. Skilled players can even micro-manipulate to maximize the combat effectiveness of their units.
Coup in a world of holding your ground and deciding over a thousand miles!
A comical worldview of people and animals fighting side by side, not only perfectly inherited from the previous game's defensive strategy, but also can take the initiative to destroy the enemy's base - the best defense is to attack.
- Turn the quiet European town into an impregnable fortress with this game simulation!
A variety of unique terrains and landscapes, from quiet and peaceful European grasslands to sandy ancient Mesoamerican ruins, and even snowball fights in the Arctic Circle. Each player will have a very different and enjoyable experience.
Recruit a strong cast of heroes with unique abilities!
The heroes are each unique, lead different types of soldiers, and the flexibility and cleverness of combining multiple heroes can defeat even the most impregnable fortress. And best of all, these heroes are serious serious people...animals, robots...well, and unidentified creatures from a certain nebula.
Use clever tactics to breach the enemy's fortress!
There is no constant potential for water, no constant shape for soldiers. There is no invincible defense, only ever-improving tactics. A fortress that looks like an iron wall may be destroyed by a unique type of soldier. Flexibility in adjusting your tactics is the key to victory.
Challenge over sixty elaborate tactical missions!
Adhering to the essence of the previous generation's single-player tactical missions, no traffic consumption and more novel base designs. It's the perfect choice to train your troops and loot resources outside of multiplayer.
Engage with players from all over the world, loot resources, build alliances, and be invincible with your friends!
The complete alliance system allows you to play with your friends and share the joy of victory together.
Command a powerful army of infantry, tanks and planes and unlock more advanced weapons!
Different types of soldiers can perform different tactical tasks, and the right mix of troop types can achieve the best offensive results. There are more advanced weapons waiting for you to deploy.
Use a crossfire of Gatling machine guns, rapid fire turrets, canon turrets, flamethrower towers and more versatile defense towers to repel incoming enemies and protect your fortress!

You think a six-barrel Gatling machine gun shooting 5,000 rounds per minute is impressive? This is just the most basic of defense towers. There are also advanced Tesla electrical towers, righteous nuke silos waiting to be deployed. You say it's dangerous to launch nukes from your own base? Just stand a little further away.
Quickly switch turret types, both planes and tanks, and take them all down!

All of the towers can quickly switch weapon types, and the only way to keep your enemies from figuring out your strategy is to keep changing your defenses.

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