Its really good
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I love it so much
Asolole Asolole
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goood emulator
Niel Mampaya
11 Views 2022/7/15
80 Views 2021/11/18
I will be discussing both Pros and Cons of this app :D ✖️✖️✖️ PROS: 1.) PPSSPP allows configuration to accommodate lower-end devices 2.) PPSSPP supports online multiplayer (though you have to use an external server) 3.) PPSSPP Supports most if not all PSP ROMs out there 4.) PPSSPP Devs are still active as far as I know 5.) There is an active community that helps each other 6.) External controller support, Keymapping support
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I played both the regular version and the gold version of PPSSPP for 100 hours each. As a result, it was found that there is no difference between the normal version and the gold version of PPSSPP, and it is recommended to download the general version without having to purchase the gold version. The optimization is so good that it can be played even with the Galaxy Note 2. If you want to play PSP games on mobile, we recommend the regular version.
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========≠==========≠==========≠============≠==== update: amazing. this is in my USA playstore app. ok, so where do I download the psp .apk game files?? ========≠===================≠========≠========== showing unavailable to me :(((. would love an emulator like this...any suggestions as to how I can get this app? obviously, I live in the USA, and suspect that's why I'm having availability issued :( Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated
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Very good emulator for PSP ISO's and it has the ability to play PSP games at higher graphics than on PSP this emulator is the best PSP emulator out there.
Boy06 Gaming
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Guys anyone here play naruto ultimate ninja impact?if you do,do you have a problem where use kakashi ultimate that (MANGKEKYOU SHARINGAN)Divine Threat that the screen got black and after the ultimate it back to normal again?
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The best Sony PSP emulator at present,just like magic. Apart from some ACTs, everything is fantastic.
That's everything for now. Start a new game?