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4 Views 09/23/2022
please update in SEA server, I really like this game
2 Views 09/16/2022
It is not recommended to play this game because many Chinese players use cheats
8 Views 07/04/2022
Why don't you update the server Asia?
Demon of Rage
10 Views 09/02/2021
unironicly... this is the best Mobile battle Royale game on the phone. It is not a Fortnite clone. It ain't a genshin clone. it is actually just genuine fun.
L.Lin Yi
6 Views 05/04/2019
I play in CBT, and i like this game, have moment angry, but in general i like this game. I.... recommend! My opinions is about closed beta, I play and like, so... by me I recommend for my friends. And wait until an global version, and best performance. And I wait an release full soon. Well, sorry me english.
Sirius Black
16 Views 10/26/2021
The BEST game in the world BUT now I have a BIG problem. I can't login due to "real name authentication" option, I don't live in Asia. Please NetEase, fix or remove that option. Thank you. 😢😥😭
7 Views 11/04/2020
The S4 hero needs to be nerfed, he's additional sword is just annoying and he's desperate escape (skill 1) with the additional sword after being hit only needs 3 seconds cooldown? And the only slight problem for him is he needed 3 or more additional sword to commenced again and he can do so by letting him getting hit, is he a masochist? It should be 8 second if he wants to perform another desperate escape with his skill 1 after being used, please nerfed him... And that "attack escape", this hero is just broken, too broken :(
1 View 09/20/2021
please update server asian :( like a Chinese
sir li
5 Views 11/28/2020
Cheats are all over the floor, stealthily attacking, speeding up their movements, and there is no way to report. The game is over. More and more people don’t play this game anymore, and they can’t match people anymore. 开外挂的满地跑,隐身攻击,加速移动,内测开始一起玩的人,都不玩了。匹配不到人,匹配几分钟后不是电脑人就是外挂! 这游戏已经完蛋了!
Crispy Ora?
50 Views 07/30/2020
close this game please!! this game many cheater!
That's everything for now. Start a new game?