Screenshot of Superhot Shooter 3D
Screenshot of Superhot Shooter 3D
Screenshot of Superhot Shooter 3D
Screenshot of Superhot Shooter 3D
Superhot Shooter 3D

Superhot Shooter 3D

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…you don’t know, who you are, and what is going on here. These strange red faceless human-like creatures just trying to kill you! But you have one advantage: time moves only when you’re moving!

So, use your shooting and fighting skills, to break free from this strange place and destroy all crystalline creatures! Stop time to avoid bullets, control it’s trajectories to get in target and have fun with Superhot Shooter 3D game!
Use your time-controlling abilities wisely. If you make just a little move or shooting, the time immediately speeds up so be very careful – enemy bullets and blades can find when you’re not prepared for that! Earn points to buy new weapons, raise up your accuracy or unlock new locations.

Try two different game modes – single mode and endless mode! Shoot out all your enemies in the single mode, or survive as long as you can at endless mode! Do your best to get the highest results and feel very hot with Superhot Shooter 3D!

Superhot Shooter 3D features:
• Control the flow of time with your own actions
• Avoid bullets and blades of your enemies and shoot back!
• Enjoy easy and intuitive controls
• Try different weapons and choose the most effective to win
• Try two different modes – kill mercilessly or survive as long as you can

Use all your skills, try different weapons, explore huge levels and complete deadly missions! Check Superhot Shooter 3D – first person shooter with time-control features!

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