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I've been playing this game since it got released and to be honest the journey till now with this game has been really fun and exciting. Made new friends and met a lot of people the gaming experience was always on point. Sometimes the glitches and bugs used to ruin the fun but it did'nt bother much. The hackers in the game sure gave us hard times reaching conqueror but we still enjoyed the game. I still play this game sometimes when i get time.
Hardcore Gamer
It's just the same game but it's worse now
1.1K Views 01/08/2023
Vinayak verma
40 Views 7d
Very good game 🎮  I have play this game daily I love it Thank you 😊
41 Views 6d
I used to play this game alot back in 2020 and I really loved to play this game, The gameplay is too addicting but the game is not really optimised till now and there are hackers in this game which doesn't make this game's gameplay feel better. Thank You.
Sanghapal Ingole
42 Views 4d
Best of the game ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🥰🥰🥰🥰
Unable to play without vpn in india
67 Views 5d
its to many bugs in game and as well many hackers are also talking place in game. As well to hard to play without vpn and slower in game.
262 Views 01/21/2023
Atif Shaikh 25
3 Views 2d
You game my favorite game and my youtube channel video pubg kr and pubg global hi and all game my channel link please subscribe --->https://youtube.com/@TheJGyt
Arun Magar
102 Views 01/20/2023
I love pubg 💞😘
Gourab Saha
25 Views 6d
I love it . It is my favourite battle royale game
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