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crazy lover of Wei Wuxian
4 Views 2020/10/19
I really like the graphics of this game... It's so amazing..but I am from a different country... that's because I can't play or enter of this game...I really really wished that I could play this game if it's translate into English....I can't even open an account in this game because it's in Chinese Language 😔😔 there are no other options in this game... Even I tried to found that,how can I open an account in" Smiling proud wonderer".But alas I can't found nothing.. this things hurts me....
4 Views 2020/12/4
IS tHtaTb my bois Hua Cheng and Xie Lian from tian guan ci fu???? aaaaaaa! I haven't played this game but I love it already, i'm glad tcgf is popular and has so many collabs
Evil G
4 Views 2020/11/22
The cinematics, the landscapes, everything is BEAUTIFUL. It is a very well optimized game too. The only bad thing I see is that it is not translated into English or Spanish, please translate into English, that would help a lot for those of us who do not know Chinese.
Halim Fingo
2 Views 2020/7/1
this game really great, especially especially the character movements, facial expressions, and character reactions are almost close to real humans .. Only one unfortunate, this game is not global or there is English, why do the developers always prioritize China even though there are many out there who really like games like this
Eiri Mina
2 Views 2019/12/20
i can't install it 😭 it's saying unable to install
Nicoly Santos
0 Views 2020/10/20
I would love it if there was an english text translated global version.
Priya Singh
1 View 2019/12/25
bad game not working in my mobile when I opened the game after update it started to show black screens.😥😥😥my whole internet wasted for nothing.😤😤😤
Duy Tân
0 Views 2019/10/19
do i need account QQ or wechat to login the game?
0 Views 2019/10/8
Nice Nice Nice Nice Nice It a NIce Game
0 Views 2020/1/22
What are the minimum requirements for this game?
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