Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth

Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth

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Based on Ken Follett's world bestselling book, Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth retells the story of the village of Kingsbridge in a new and interactive way. Play as Jack, Alanna and Philip as they change the events of the book through exploration, decision making and dialogue. This interactive novel is published in three volumes, each containing seven chapters.

12th Century, England: in a time of extreme poverty and war, a small town begins to build a cathedral to secure wealth and safety for its people. Their lives and destinies are intertwined in order to survive. Friar Philip precedes the small monastery at Kingsbridge. Meanwhile, a boy named Jack is raised in the woods by his criminal mother. As a stonemason's apprentice, he aspires to become a gifted master builder. Together with the notorious dame Alena, Jack and Philip set out to build one of the greatest churches England has ever seen.

- One of the most successful novels of all time, now adapted into a three-volume video game series
- Adapting events from the novel and influencing the fate of its characters
- Follow the epic epic of war, intrigue and romance that spans over 30 years.
- There are three different playable characters: the Outsider Jack, the Dame Alena, and the Friar Philip
- More than 200 hand-painted background images take you back to the 12th century
- Completely animated in a unique 2D style
- The orchestration was done by the FILMharmonic Orchestra from Prague.
- Complete English and German dub, with voice actors Glen McCready (Philip); Naomi Sheldon (Alena); Cody Molko (Young Jack); Alex Jordan (Adult Jack)
- Ken Follett makes a special guest appearance as the voice of Kantor

This app requires an iPad Air 2 or higher or an iPhone 6s or higher, older devices are not supported.

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