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Kenn KyoZaKi
release barn!!! What's cool music project!!!
2 Views 10/28/2022
Addyneo Gaming
Addyneo Updates : Tapsonic TOP, The Most Consistant Music Game!
131 Views 07/16/2022
Hardcore Gamer
7 Views 10/29/2019
I've played my share of rhythm games since Tap Tap Revenge in 2011. ever since I've been old enough to play these games on private :D, I can say this has the best UI, The most engaging art and storyline as well as catchy music. additionally, the interface in-game is not confusing and is smooth in operation. I would recommend this app to any rhythm game fan. keep up the good work, mods. thank you for being active and listening eagerly to user concerns!
Lumi Lunous
4 Views 09/20/2021
Gameplay:Noice -3- Music:Noice ^ω^ Story :Some English words I don't understand but I'll skip it (^~^;) Gamemode: Multiple game modes (Rank, Ghost,...) Who is new to music games, this is a good choice (o^▽^o)
19 Views 02/07/2022
I've always loved playing rhythm games since DJ Max back in the PSP days and I just found out that this game has the same maker. Its so nostalgic playing these tracks from DJ Max.
1 View 09/13/2021
This game is fantastic The controls are easy to understand The characters are good too But please improve character's dialogue Add some new abilities And add some new content
1 View 04/19/2022
Great Rhythm game with various features.
Nguyễn Phạm Tiế
0 Views 04/30/2020
I love this game
Hardcore Gamer
10 Views 03/06/2022
Fun gacha rhythm game Great music and stories Have rankings and stuffs the downside is there's lacking of updates.
Iglesia ni Fu Hua
1 View 07/04/2021
Add more song please
That's everything for now. Start a new game?