Screenshot of Onmyoji Arena
Screenshot of Onmyoji Arena
Screenshot of Onmyoji Arena
Screenshot of Onmyoji Arena
Screenshot of Onmyoji Arena
Screenshot of Onmyoji Arena
Screenshot of Onmyoji Arena
Screenshot of Onmyoji Arena
Screenshot of Onmyoji Arena
Screenshot of Onmyoji Arena
Screenshot of Onmyoji Arena
Screenshot of Onmyoji Arena
Screenshot of Onmyoji Arena
Screenshot of Onmyoji Arena
Screenshot of Onmyoji Arena
Onmyoji Arena

Onmyoji Arena Global

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Provider Netease Games
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The Heian-kyo 2024 Summer Fest kicks off on July 5th! Dive into a brand-new world and meet our latest character, Lana the Panda! Embark on a Fantasy Parade with the adorable and charming Lana in the New City!

Discover stunning new themed skins! Youko's legendary skin [Street Smart] makes a dazzling debut—join the fortune teller Youko in divining fate. Shiranui's epic skin [Glorious Renewal] and Momo's epic skin [Town of Vigor] are also available, inviting you to explore vibrant cityscapes and untold stories.

Join the new thematic events to unlock amazing rewards, with a chance to earn up to three epic skins! Plus, the Cute Pair-Up gameplay is back for a limited time!

[Game Introduction]
Onmyoji Arena is a MOBA mobile game that offers balanced 5V5 battles without a rune system. Building on the legacy of NetEase's hit title "Onmyoji", it features beautifully crafted graphics and dazzling effects, delivering an ultimate visual and combat experience.

You will step into a world of wonder and mystery as a powerful Onmyoji. There, you will form pacts with a variety of unique and emotionally rich Shikigami, listen to their epic stories, and feast your eyes on their stunning skins. You will be immersed in a diverse world where exciting team battles await. It will be a unique, action-packed utopian journey that will lead you to find your true self.

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Onmyoji Arena: A Strategic and Visually Stunning MOBA Experience
320 Views 07/05/2024
4 Views 06/30/2024
👍 Pros: Always
9 Views 6d
Why isn't it working on Huawei? Can someone please tell me how to fix it? It's stuck on loading screen then it turns black screen then suddenly going back to my Home Screen...
The Player
Trouble playing Onmyoji Arena
104 Views 07/07/2024
for those who want to play this game and can’t… this game rips off a game called Honor of kings and it’s in my opinion way better and cooler.Also it works in many different countries… I not even sure if their is a country it won’t work in, give it a try.
Onmyoji Arena: A Thrilling Blend of Strategy and Mythology
379 Views 06/21/2024
3 Views 06/11/2024
I love this game and me wish is to play and be a pro player
62 Views 05/26/2024
I lve this games because of its characters and their Shikigami
25 Views 06/25/2024
The penalty of leaving the game in casual/ranked is just too light, thats why players just leave the match if they pathetically lose their lane, which is very frustrating and it ruins the game.  I am close to uninstalling this game because of these reasons, the blacklist slot of 5 is just not enough considering how light the penalty for leaving, throwing or griefing they just gonna continue doing that in their next games because the penalty is not like a penalty. Would be good if a player leaves a match they cant match for a set time
89 Views 04/11/2024
A second review two years later. Well... Somehow the UI is still the same from what I remember but still it looks great. The character designs and skins are just perfect~. Graphics and music wise, it's amazing. BUT, they're not a lot of people playing. How do I know this? Cause I keep going against the same players lmao. Matchmaking takes atleast 2 minutes. Also,  it's a bit laggy and has some occasional ping spike and not to forget game freeze. But that might be because of my device. The game also favours mages and marksman more lol. Some are just too op and some are just forgotten. Also players are toxic no matter your rank and modes you're on so make sure y'all have steel hearts 😂.
19 Views 07/13/2024
I love playing this game but banned in india 😭😭
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