Aaron Taylor
3 Views 2022/8/19
its really good game keep up the work
neke OEE
20 Views 2020/12/16
uff would be nice online mode more weapons Acha and pico more minerals drills for farming to be able to make your base and be able to play against other players and raide them
88 Views 2020/10/25
It's a free adventure sandbox open world mobile game on the outer space planet. Players can plant flowers, plant grass, build spaceships, capture animals and grab resources. There are many kinds of playing methods. At present, the game is mainly based on single machine experience. Interested players can try it,lol
Manmohan Singh
14 Views 2021/3/11
I this the game which is not compatible with all devices... I have 3 gb 64 gb combo and have good processor. but I am not able to install this game. I am playing lios, free fire, mlbb and other games but this is the game of 150 mb which is not going to install.... fix it optimize it... please if you want to create good crowd on it.... take everything seriously....
3 Views 2021/5/26
nice game but i am happy if i play with my friends :/ well subscribe my youtube channel AB YT
13 Views 2021/8/19
makes this offline and online mode.. offline when brown out and online with friends.
Lani M
1 View 2021/5/17
online please! would be 10 times better with friends:(
Ylin Htet
1 View 2020/5/16
wow that was the best way for iPad🤐
8 Views 2022/3/14
good but causes the phone to heat up quickly
15 Views 2020/11/13
This will be the best game of its genre if its ONLINE MULTIPLAYER. CAN play with friends make groups. And build together
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