Screenshot of Cube Escape: Paradox
Screenshot of Cube Escape: Paradox
Screenshot of Cube Escape: Paradox
Screenshot of Cube Escape: Paradox
Screenshot of Cube Escape: Paradox
Cube Escape: Paradox

Cube Escape: Paradox

Provider Rusty Lake
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When the infamous detective Dale Vandermeer wakes up in an ominous room without any recollection of his past, he soon finds himself part of a bizarre game orchestrated by an old foe. Dale must solve increasingly challenging puzzles to escape the room and recover his memories.

Cube Escape: Paradox Features:

- A unique, never-before-seen, game/film crossover experience
- The absorbing gameplay, atmosphere and wealth of puzzles fans would expect from the tenth Cube Escape game
- A ton of connections and interactions with Paradox - A Rusty Lake Short Film
- There will be two different chapters available (one for free and one premium) with multiple endings
- Beautiful paintings handmade by Johan Scherft
- Immersive and atmospheric soundtrack by Victor Butzelaar
- Powerful voice-overs by Bob Rafferty and lead actor David Bowles
- Supporting 14 different languages

Cube Escape: Paradox is the tenth episode of the Cube Escape series and a continuation of the Rusty Lake story. We will unfold the mysteries of Rusty Lake one step at a time. So check every day for new content!

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41 Views 06/13/2024
Well, it's like the other puzzle game but i think it's easier 👍 Pros: i like the story, graphic, and the puzzles 👎 Cons: i think the puzzle is a bit easy (but i like it, it's realistic, and not just random thoughts of the author)
1K Views 07/31/2023
The game is so good, the devs are also kind enough to put walkthroughs and a short film about the game. Unfortunately as usual, I can't play the chapter 2 because I have no money tho I heared that you can play it for free in Steam. The only reason I deduct 1star is because its a bit buggy, for some reason some puzzles are hard to do because it has to be specific spot to solve the puzzles. For example is the drawing several things using pencils, I had to retried several times because Im using a phone and my finger keep overpassing the line. Another example is when Im supposed to burn things that are on the paper, it points out to wrong letters and numbers even tho I burn the correct things. Even in the walkthrough on yt, they have to click the things several times.
Luvpeachyx <3
626 Views 01/09/2023
OH MY GOD. I love this game and all the cub escape games! They are so amazing, the art style is beautiful. I played them a while back with a friend streaming them on my tv, it was so fun. The game is the perfect mix of beautiful and also gory and dark. Just all around the board, I love it. Some of the puzzles were really tricked though, even had to look up tutorials a few times
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