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Greetings pubg mobile Korean version, why did they throw paid cases to us in the game?  Earlier in 2020, everything was fine and I managed to knock out 3-mythical skins for the female current character, and now everything is gradually becoming like a global version, I ran away from the global one for this, well, because it’s all paid, and here it also becomes paid, you  that the global will get infected or something like an infection!!???  Dear Korean developers, please return the old keys otherwise you will lose your customers!  i play korean pubg-mobile since 2020 toist since season 7!
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Mr Ñádèèm YT
This game is so nice and very good because all world players is installed and play this game and this game graphics is op and nice and this game is not lag and bug in my phone my phone ram 3;32 but iam so happy to install this game 😃
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Frist Time  when i was playing at 2018&now it's 2022 September 4 years 04 :41 PM。I would like to say,this game givesme good memories and also provide me lots of   friend,remember my old time with my old random friends,we met randomly but now,time is going on i miss my old time&life,And i cry a lot in Alone,I don't know Where is my olddy g ,, friend!if you read my message please contact me at my Instagram:  abdullahxesan:
Time Pass
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if your playing from india then dont download this game from taptap because it will not download resource pack maps there is so many glitches download from somewhere e
Toshi aier
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been 4 years I've been playing PUBG mobile and i really enjoy playing the game...i met frens from different places and I'm still looking forward. What more can I say the game gets on better and better. THANKS FOR PUBG MOBILE
Peace Bro
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I'm Little Star
here.Lots of hacker in the game. After submit reports getting reply from pubg "There was no cheating "
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Sarib Khan
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Been playing this game from season 2 and i gotta say despite all the glitches , lags , failed loadings , game crashes and all the stuff  that happens in game I STILL LOVE IT AND WILL ALWAYS BE PLAYING IT. This game has helped me overcome many hardships and struggles( mental ) in its own way and I'll always  love it and a big thumbs up for the creators for creating such an awesome  masterpiece of a game.
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hello, I was scammed by an intruder, now I can’t log in to my account, the intruder deleted my linked social networks what to do? please help me please 😭🙏🏻
Rajib Islam
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nice game play It's a not fake game and best the game pubg kr
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