Danger Dash

Danger Dash

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*** Are you a real adventurer? ***<br>Run and escape from evil tigers!<p>UNLOCK COOL CHARACTERS<br>Collect coins and run for your life as the hero Chuck Ace, the adventurer Miranda Rose, or the powerful Blowing Wind. Complete missions, escape danger and become a Real Adventurer if you've got what it takes...</p>
<p>PUSH YOUR SPEED TO THE LIMIT IN EXOTIC SETTINGS<br>Run through the jungle, survive a rush of obstacles in a lost city, and hold on for dear life in the mysterious temple! A real runner could do it!</p>
<p>JUMP &amp; SLIDE PAST DEADLY TRAPS<br>Rush past wild obstacles in a super-fast dash, jump over columns or broken trees, and slide fast under dangerous traps!. </p>
<p>GRAB POWER-UPS FOR A SUPER CHARGE!<br>Use powerful upgrades like the Revival Ankh, The Tiger, or Jungle Fever to become more powerful, increase your speed, unlock new levels and grow your capacity!</p>
<p>LEAVE ALL YOUR FRIENDS IN THE DUST!<br>Track your ranking on the online leaderboards and mark your friends to follow their scores. Make sure you leave them all in the dust!</p>
<p>A game made only for real runners who are not afraid of pushing their speed to the limit in a dangerous dash to victory. Do you have what it takes to be a Real Adventurer? Run and prove it!</p>
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