ISEKAI:Demon Waifu: Awesome Art But Gets Boring If You Do Not Pay and Crashes Often

ISEKAI: Demon Waifu is exactly what it says on the tin, as you play a lonely and socially inept video game nerd who suddenly finds himself as a demon prince in an alternate fantasy world. As a demon prince, he takes control of armies and collects women along the way. But is it any good?
The game itself is an incremental game, or an idle game, which means players don't really have to do much, as your armies do your work for you. And yes, you also get to command some powerful demonic waifus to do your bidding.
Players have to strengthen their bonds with his female subordinates, in turn, they become stronger and perform better in battle. And as you collect more waifus to add to your harem, your army becomes ever stronger. 
[b]The Good:
Oh the artwork! The artwork is just beautiful. The game features superb character design which is truly eye catching, and is enough to make people start playing it. In addition, the characters actually have some character, enough for players to actually care about them and invest in them. Oh, and you can also dress up your consorts, and it makes them happy too!
Aside from battles and collecting waifus to add to your harem, the game has plenty of stuff to keep people busy. Joining a guild makes things easier, and PVP battles are a thing here, so your harem can battle other players' harem, and see whose waifu is actually the best girl. 
There's also a bit of world building in the game, as players develop resource areas and then trade these resources. More aspects of these resource management and trading principles will be unlocked as players progress further. 
In addition, the game does regular events to keep players interested. They even had a crossover with the isekai anime, How Not To Summon A Demon Lord, earlier this year. 
[b]The Bad:
It's basically Pay-To-Win. Things were fun at the beginning... and then I hit the paywall and my progress slowed down significantly. There's also the fact that some characters are hidden behind the paywall. These characters are incredibly powerful, so yeah... Pay-to-win.In addition to this, you can use resources to make your characters stronger. And guess what? You can actually pay to get more of these resources, such as crystals. While you can grind out your characters like any old RPG, it's often better to just buy your way into making your characters stronger. 
As for its idle combat nature, some gamers who want a challenge might not find this game to be as good. I mean, you're literally just clicking and waiting for combat to conclude. The game ain't exactly that hard, just slow-paced if you don't fork over some cash.
There are a few technical issues as well, as I had some problems with my game crashing every now and then. There are also times when loading the game is kinda slow, or the screen becomes frozen. They've fixed some of them, but sometimes, these problems still persist. 
Final Verdict: 
There is no doubt that Isekai: Demon Waifu is a beautiful game. It also has some aspects that I actually enjoyed. However, it got boring as soon as it slowed down for non-paying players, further verifying its pay-to-win aspect. It was actually fun at first, and the characters were lovable, but as I progressed, I found that it wasn't just for me, and I found the lack of a challenge a bit meh. Not Bad, but not good either.
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