Sausage Man Tutorial – Advanced – Episode 10 (Gyroscope)

You’ve probably seen the Gyroscope being mentioned a few times in our previous tutorials. That’s because it has a wide range of in-game applications! 
Take your notes out because today we’re going to show you how to use it! 
What is the Gyroscope? 
It is the game sensor that works like a 3-D mouse. The gravity sensors on our phones are what the Gyroscope uses to help target enemies by adjusting your phone’s orientation. This means you can free your fingers from complicated aiming controls, thus making it more convenient to shoot. 
By “tilting” your device instead of “swiping the screen with your fingers”, you are able to control your view and move your crosshair with more precision and flexibility. With one finger free, you can perform other controls instead. 
Targeting enemies from far away will be a breeze with the Gyroscope because you will have more control of recoil. How to Set Up the Gyroscope? 
Simply go to [Basic] from [Settings]. There are 3 options to choose from - Always On, ADS, and Disable. As long as you turn your Gyroscope on and til your device, your view can be adjusted while your crosshair’s position doesn’t change. 
Getting used to the Gyroscope can be challenging at first. To avoid getting dizzy and losing stability, we suggest setting the sensitivity at 100% first before gradually adjusting it lower to suit your preference. 
Check out the differences between disabling and enabling the Gyroscope. 
Gyroscope Disabled: 
After seeing the benefits of using the Gyroscope, you’ll notice that without it, you will significantly move your fingers more frequently. With it enabled, recoil control and continuous shooting becomes more stable. 
We hope that this has interested you to try out the Gyroscope! 
If you’ve used it before, please let us and other Sausages know below this Post of your experience or even tips and tricks. 
Till next time! 
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Ryd3r - S3DOx From YouTube
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Ryd3r - S3DOx From YouTube
Gyroscope is very useful, I'll try it when I get a new phone soon
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