There are button type and swiping type when starting for the first time. I recommend a swiping type joystick in terms of gain.
Ads appearing while playing the game are unavoidable. But the game is really addictive.
Spartacus war and arcade mode multiplayer mode are supported in a medieval setting.
Spartacus War is a mode that expands each faction while including strategic elements of similar civilizations and Three Kingdoms.
There is an action element to defeat the enemy by directly manipulating the character, not the strategic part. Of course, if you compare action elements or strategic SLG games, the elements are few, but the appropriate combination and gameplay are quite excellent.
When I first saw the screenshot, I thought it was a copycat of the “Bloody Bastards” game, (Link: ) but it's a completely different game, and it's quite a fun game. Please try playing once.
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