Tutorial - Advanced - No.11 (Multi-finger Button Setup)

Hello, everyone! Your cute and clever Ayaka has arrived to once again aid you in your journey to becoming a pro. 
I briefly introduced the control with multiple fingers in a previous episode about Jumping Shots. This time, I am going to show you how to customize your buttons to use Multi-finger control.
Multi-finger control is an essential skill that an advanced player should master. It allows you to control more buttons at the same time, significantly improving your ability to handle different situations and increase win-rate. 
While some hardcore players can even control with 6 fingers, most players can benefit from even using [Full Gyroscope + 4 fingers] instead.
Ayaka has attached an image here for you to set up 6-finger control. Islanders, please take a look.
You may adjust the button setting in [Custom Panel] according to the size of your device, the number of fingers you want to use, and what you’re most comfortable with. 
What can be done with the number of fingers used at the same time: 
(loc notes: this section follows the button setup for 6 fingers, but the following only gives scenarios for the use of up to 4 fingers. Perhaps the 6-finger setup is just an “example”, but 4 finger control is still the main focus, as the text mentioned “4 finger control is probably enough”)
2 Fingers: ADS + fire
3 Fingers: ADS + fire + move
4 Fingers: ADS + fire + move + jump (lean and peek)  
As you can see, having the ability to use more fingers gives you the advantage. This feature allows you to dodge while firing, thus making it harder for your enemies to hit you. 
The video above shows which buttons should be tapped when you use 4 of your fingers:
① Thumb: Move, view backpack…
② Thumb: ADS, use skill, pick up, switch firearms, throw, use items, jump, interact…
③ Index finger: fire, bolt action, cancel throwing
④ Index finger: Survey your surroundings, lean and peek, jump, interact…
I hope this guide on multi-finger control gives you the edge for your next battle in Sausage Island! 
If you have any thoughts or experiences you’d like to share to the community, please reply below because that will greatly help us all to grow! 
See you next time!
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