most of mobile games especially RPG games that need quite lot grind hv auto feature for playing everywhere n everytime even if u're busy because playing in phones more flexible than pc , and they target market for busy people either .
but most of RPG PC Gamer cant move on and accept it when playing mobile games , they demand the same as RPG on PC .
so for RPG gamers who play in mobile , its like you indirectly hv to choose side whether Auto Side or Non-Auto Side .
- Non-Auto Side busy give bad review on most of Auto Games .
- while some of Auto Side just enjoy the game without review and some of em give clarify/argument on review .
yeah this is an argue between busy people but spend lot of money for games VS idle people but spend lot of time for games .
as for me i dont like full auto games but i can accept it , i just dont play it if i dont like it :) same like foods , if u dont like it then u can make your own game or play other games rather than give bad review that doesnt suit ur taste :)
Mentioned games
Boss Kitty
Boss Kitty
so is the game in english yet
If there isnt bad reviews, the product himself would be poor, all works like that, but I know what u saying, the ppl very often go crazy doing reviews, personally I can emparize with some, because I was some of them, but obviously with reasons so, it depends
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