Caliko Goes Underground Chapter 2

Caliko heard a ghostly, rasping voice behind her. Terrified, she slowly turned around to see the specter of a Midgardian warrior, his face frozen in an expression of sheer agony. “Whooooo are youuuu!”, the Specter wheezed, “Whyyyyy are you heeere!” It took much of Caliko’s strength to not die of fright. “H-h-hi there!” she said, “I’m C-c-c-c-Caliko, and, and I seek the shard of Thanatos’s blade.”
“Oooonly a warrior who defended Midgaaaard from the second invasion of Morroc may stand in the shard’s presence!” the Specter said, “I was such a warrior...until I took an arrow to the faccccce. Friendly fire from a stupid rookie archer! Are you a warrior like me?”
“Er...y...yes?” Caliko said.
“Very good!” The Specter said. Then, a vision of the battle of Midgard from hundreds of years ago appeared before Caliko. “Thennnnn you will obviously know about the dark age when Morroc sent his forces into Midgaaard a second time, only to be stopped by Odin, Freyja, and Thanatos in a battle that lasted ten days. You remember thisssssss, right?”
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