Caliko Goes Underground Chapter 5b

With her legs screaming in pain, Caliko elected to jump through the hole in the wall, taking Polonius with her. It became apparent quite quickly that this was not the safe haven she was hoping it would be! The hole was filled with wooden splinters and sharp vines, and Caliko felt every slash and prick as her jacket, hair and fur were shredded. She and Polonius cleared the wall of pain, only for her to hit her head on an adjacent wall and tumble down another hole in the floor. The world turned into a big blur as Caliko slammed onto a hard stone floor with bone-crunching force.“Grghh...ohHHh looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking…”
Caliko regained her senses to find herself in a great chamber enveloped in light. “You have arrivvvvved,” the ghost said.
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