Caliko Goes Underground Chapter 6

It didn’t seem real at first, but as Caliko stood up, her whole body aching, it dawned on her that she was standing before the actual shard of Thanatos’s blade. It was floating in a pillar of light and radiating a mystical noise that filled the room. As Caliko approached it, she could feel the blade’s energy affecting her. The memories of Thanatos during his battle against Morroc from over half a millennium ago flooded her mind, and she was overwhelmed by the emotions of facing off against such unimaginable evil. “It really is from Thanatos’s blade!” Caliko said to Polonius, who was on the verge of a mental breakdown at this point. “Just think, Polony, almost a thousand years of Midgard history came from this!”
As she got closer, she started feeling the thoughts of the hundreds of trapped spirits who were slain in the presence of this great battle, and their desire to be free of the tomb and ascend to Valhalla. Their ghostly whispers grew louder, and one by one, they manifested in the chamber, spectators to what they hoped would be the moment of their freedom.
Looming over them all, however, was the dark spirit of Shadow Morroc, also eager for Caliko to break the curse and abscond with the shard. “Mister Ghost...just so I’m clear here, once I take the shard, all the spirits will go free, including Shadow Morroc?”
“Thaaaat is correcttttt. He will be free to roam the desert like any of the spiritttts here. Including meeeee.”
The spirits surrounding Caliko began chanting “Free us.” Caliko had to decide.
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