Caliko Goes Underground Chapter 6a

It was what she came here to do in the first place, and Caliko figured that the world was already full of incredibly dangerous demons...what difference would one more make? She reached into the pillar of light and took the shard, which was cold to the touch, and stuffed it in her pouch.With the shard The spirits let out a triumphant cry and dissipated into the ether, but Shadow Morroc had other designs. Free from the constraints of the tomb, the ominous spirit roared with delight and proceeded to smash the pillars holding up the chamber before vanishing into the darkness, laughing all the way. The fragile tomb could not handle the strain and the whole place shook violently.
“Oh NOOO!” Caliko screamed, “We’re gonna die! This was a mistake!”
Just then, one of the chamber walls collapsed, and a large creature stepped forth from the rubble.
“ can’t be!” Caliko exclaimed.
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