Caliko Goes Underground Chapter 7a

“Yes, please take over Mister Ghost, but get us out of here in one piece!” Caliko said. The ghost hovered over and took the reins. Instantly, the mount and its master were reunited after several hundred years. Even in spectral form, the ghost’s presence was felt by the ancient creature, and it calmed down enough to continue its escape in a disciplined stride.
With the tomb seconds away from total implosion, the group rounded a corner, where a solid stone wall awaited them at the very end.
“Oh NO! It’s a dead end!” Caliko exclaimed, clutching her pig, “We’re screwed! I love you Polony!”
“Not quiiiiiiite,” the ghost said, “This might feeeeeel a little weiiiiird.”
Egeus gained in speed and charged straight at the stone wall.
Suddenly, Caliko felt the air around her grow cold. She looked down and was shocked to see her own body, along with Polonius and the elephant, had taken on a translucent form. The group passed through the stone wall like it wasn’t there, emerging outside in the Sograt desert. The tomb finally went critical, disappearing in an avalanche of dust and sand.
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