Good early on but a Boring Grind later down the road.
5/10. The Exciting lie of Grinders.
Story: Kind of engaging at first but its a downward slope I especially hated the resistance storyline because it showed how little they cared about storytelling because how could they justify a mighty empire with a massive army lead by elite warriors still being unable to wipeout a group of squatters living right in their backyard? my favourite part of this storyline is when the resistance members died at last I dont have to help them anymore.
Gameplay: the combat is good with an interesting combo system and a large variety of abilities to use but unfortunately most of the abilities are restricted to certain weapons while others have severe penalties when used without those certain weapons and most of the fun abilities are locked behind a massive Grind wall
Builds: Extremely Meta centric because of how restrictive the skill system is, most people used the same build with little to no variation and most players and parties would only accept Meta builds when grinding.
Crafting characters a character which sole purpose is to craft things needs a lot more grind to make, at this point the game has become your second job, go get help you have a problem here.
Economy: The Consignment board is a garbage dump of expensive shit while some blame the massive army of bots for this I for one believe without the bots the game economy would die because the drop rate in this game is borderline criminal and dont think anyone wants to spent the whole day farming.
Community: Most people seems just to mind their own business so newbies are recommended to play with Irl friends, playing Solo is cool early on but later down the road its gonna be boring, try to join a guild quickly and make some high level friends so you can use their mercs to steamroll through the boring parts.
Content: In most areas the mobs will ignore players and you could just sprint directly to the boss battle, early bosses are ok and fun later down road they became nukes with the health bar as big as the great wall of China complete with Bs gimmicks and full screen 1 hit kill abilities and lastly the Events, almost all of them are catered towards hardcore high-level players.
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