Been a long time since I played a MMO of this caliber. The game got a lot of potential. This game gave a bit of genshin vibes and dragon raja vibes .
As you enter the game you start by customizing your avatar character. Customization option are pretty good. Tho it's not super flexible enough.
Overall customization is a 7/10 for me.
Then you select the class you gonna start with. There are 4 classes:Sword and Shield/Archer/Dual sword/Spear.You can always switch class by switching weapon in game.
Combat System:
I really loved the combat system. Each classes have set of skills + You get special skills from gacha characters. There are plenty of combos in game . You can even jump , grapple and do use various stunts and perform cool attacks and combos.There is plenty of flexibility in combat system. Also there are elements in game. The elemental skills are skills you get from the gacha characters(Will talk about gacha system down below) .Using proper element/proper dodging/precise timing litterally everything is in your hand.
Overall Combat system is a 8.5/10
It's a Story driven MMO. As the story begins there was small opening video like a MV/anime opening which I really loved. It gave a rich feel and a warm welcome to enter into game . I really didn't do the story much. The story was just about average for me. Eventually the characters you meet in story will be in gacha system . Also , doing story unlocks some essential features like housing.Also most of the stuffs are just auto navigation. Auto navigation is a convenient feature to some extend but here litterally you can do everything with auto navigations. Like, story says : search for evidences . You can just auto navigate and find those evidences which kills the fun of game.
Overall Story is a 6/10.
I loved the exploration in this game. I spent most of the time exploring rather than doing missions. The map is soo humongous and there are lot of different areas/terrains/sighting seeing spots/dungeons/hidden puzzles/Teleport spots to be unlocked/Hidden chest and soo on. You get to tame horses and can ride them to explore. You get a jet pack to fly. Also you can use grapplers and feel like spiderman. The graphics is well done and the scenery , change of terrains , change in weather , able to meet strangers when exploring, farming, mining, collecting hidden chest were lot of fun. Auto navigation won't work much when exploring. So most of the time ypu have to manually go around yourself and experience it. Plus there are trains in game . Never seen train in MMO. Really loved it.
Overall Exploration is a 8.5/10
Graphics and Audio : 9/10
Gacha System:
The game got a gacha system where the gacha characters will assist you in combat + You get to use skills of the character . The gacha character are categorized by elements + class like Light element Sword and shield character , Dark element Archer etc. The rarity is divided by : SSR, SR, R. Gacha rage for SSR is 2.5% which is generous . Summoning of gacha characters will require diamonds. I really can't tell how much diamonds you get per day if your a F2P player. As a tester I was sent generous amount of diamonds daily via mails and I didn't kept count on the amount of diamonds I got from doing mission and story . The obtained gacha characters needed to be leveled up and ascended(When you get dupes). So far I did around 80-100 pulls and got 3 SSR's, 30+ SR's. I can't rate gacha system as I lack info on farming of diamonds.
That's it for the main elements of the game. Now for the positives and negatives :
Positives :
•Big map with ton of stuff to explore and find hidden stuff
•There is a ideal farm mechanism in game which I found it convenient.
•The device requirements is really low so most of them get to enjoy this beautiful world.
•Really fun to play along with friends. It also has a guild system and guild events.
•Has a PvP arena where both players levels are balanced for a equal fight.
•It has a few other extra classes cooking/Tailoring/Smith.I really loved cooking. Litterally you can cook without recipes. Finding recipe myself by trail and error was soo fun
•Combat system is pretty good. It isn't auto'ing
•Different modes on which I can explore where fun like horse riding/grappling/Flying etc
•Too heavy for mobile. Around 10gb of is required to play the game
•The UI looks little messy. Sometimes hard to find what I am looking for.
•When in party if you click on *FOLLOW* party leader your character will start auto combating which I really don't like.Tho you can exit out of Follow mode and play manually.
•In scenery spots you can get a photo of yoh avatar posing but you can't change the default pose is sad.
•Auto navigation is soo much ruining the best parts of the game.
These are the major concerns, apart from this there are some bugs and minor concerns I have which I haven't mentioned as it's just beta testing . Hoping those problems will be fixed soon. Overall I really enjoyed the game soo much. Looking forward to its global launch. I will attach some screenshots below from the game.